In a world that is changing swiftly, blockchain, IoT and AI continue to unlock new business models, products and, in turn, new customer experiences and relationships. This new way of looking at data, privacy, transactions, and ownership serves as the foundation of a new wave of imaginative products and services. 

Bleexy's goal is to lead the blockchain revolution in the retail industry and to provide an ecosystem of applications and services that empowers retailers of all sizes to make a difference in their community, region, country or the world. 

Our long-term vision is to increase efficiency in the retail industry, and that Bleexy’s DPXM will

be the core layer connecting manufacturers, brands, wholesalers, 3rd party sellers and consumers.

Building this infrastructure will allow us to develop a network of small and big retailers and use

location to promote local businesses and match consumers with the closest retailer, in order to

minimize unnecessary transportation costs when products are available locally.


Dividing the global network in local networks will deliver on all aspects of sustainable development - economic (by providing producers with a profitable route to market), environmental (by cutting down on the pollution associated with transportation), and social (by encouraging a sense of community between buyer and seller, town and country).

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