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The Performance and Development Criteria

Technological Innovation, Sustainability, Performance

Bleexy marks a new era of technological breakthroughs involving blockchain-centric technologies. Designed with flexibility in mind, it outpaces today's alternatives in terms of performance, while innovating on all fronts.

Innovative design

Bleexy's core infrastructure is built on top of an unique blockchain-focused barebone, from the fastest smart-contracts in the world to the best performance in terms of throughput and bandwidth, altogether.

Sustainable technology

The blockchain-focused technology used throughout the Bleexy ecosystem has been designed to support and encourage collaboration, not competition.

High-performance infrastructure

Bleexy's inner workings focus inherently, by design, on sustainable amounts of computational resources, making them suitable even for low-powered ultrabooks.

Fast adoption

Develop easily for the Bleexy ecosystem and enhance your productivity by using common programming languages, accessible to millions of developers worldwide. Bleexy's virtual machine uses the C programming language to allow the creation of smart-contracts, all while constantly documenting all features and functionalities available throughout the ecosystem.

Outstanding research

Bleexy's technology is not a dream come true - it is the proud result of more than a decade of research and innovation in blockchain for distributed systems, smart-contracts and virtualization technologies, all supported by groundbreaking results proven through papers published in reputable journals and conference proceedings worldwide.