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The Performance and Development Criteria

Structure, Stakeholders, Operations

BLEEXY’s ecosystem is structured around two facets. The first facet is defined by a Dynamic Product Experience Protocol, or DPXM, and a virtual Validating, Matching and Marketplace Space, including all structural and technological prerequisites for its efficient and resilient operations. The second facet is defined by a state-of-the-art blockchain technology structure.

Value Creation, Value Capture And Value Utilization In Bleexy’s Structure, And The Crypto Element

Both facets of BLEEXY’s core structure have been designed and elaborated in connection to academic and research settings. The applied theory elements behind the blockchain technology have been subject to peer reviewed articles and presented in scholarly and professional conferences. At the same time, the PoQ algorithms and the organizational and market research behind the validation, matching and marketplace structure have been supported by a 2020 American National Science Foundation grant.

The blockchain technology has been specifically created and is employed as a solution to the operational problems and technical tasks generated in building the architecture of the ecosystem and its functions: Functions related to the facilitation of search, information and coordination, while operating in strict privacy, in an open, global network, where all participants (creators, retailers and sellers) control their own data, while interacting in a secure and efficiency-inducing operating environment.

BLEEXY offers all participates in the ecosystem the infrastructure and the indispensable tools required to cut the costs and increase the benefits of their relevant activities. Thus, BLEEXY creates value. Yet, at the same time, BLEEXY also capture some of the value created, recirculating it into the system.

Through its blockchain structure it converts a fraction of the value created and manifested in the ecosystem into a means of exchange, vehicle of incentivization and store of value. The quasi- monetary system thus established has a precise functional role in the architecture of the ecosystem, and, therefore, has properties that distinguish it among other crypto products. In brief, BLEEXY’s blockchain structure has a double function: (a) to facilitate the activities of content creation, validation, matching and marketplace functions of the ecosystem and (b) to capture a share of the value created by the economics of the system in order to refuel and facilitate the optimal functioning and the growth of the ecosystem.