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The Performance and Development Criteria

Efficiency, Resilience, Sustainibility

Proprietary technology

BLEEXY integrates a truly economic system with ramifications which, at one end, are touching the real economy of goods and services and which, at the other end, are touching the symbolic economy of virtual monetary substitutes.


BLEEXY’s strategy of growing in stages, fine-tuning its economics and technology in function of each of the stages of the growth and development process, is also the outcome of a special concern regarding the resilience of the ecosystem.

We differentiate between the vulnerabilities of smaller scale and the vulnerabilities and challenges of larger scale network operations. We give a special attention to the early stages of the development process, in which, in the tradeoffs between systemic resilience and maximizing economic performance and efficiency, we prioritize resilience.

Network effects

BLEEXY is designed cognizant of the crucial role of network effects play in the life-cycle of platforms and ecosystems and therefore the development strategy has internalized the priority of focusing on each stage and critical threshold associated to the increase of network effects.

We develop an approach to growth of scale from smaller networks to larger networks, calibrating the functionality of the ecosystem to the scale of network effects.

Economies of scale

BLEEXY’s development plan has factored in the relationship between, on the one hand, fixed costs, variable operating costs including those related to the blockchain and, on the other hand, the growth of the ecosystem.

We are calibrating our approach to the stages going from small scale to big scale, but we have the potential for great scale already built into the system, from its very inception. (The approach to the economies of scale is mirroring the approach to the network effects).


BLEEXY is focused on its underlying strong substance and value-creating content and infrastructure. As such it is building its brand around substance, not around surface, surface-polishing and image marketing. Although BLEEXY has a distinctive and clear branding strategy, its overall development plan is performance and substance based:

BLEEXY is a cost-reducing, benefit- enhancing intrinsic value creating ecosystem, built on top of a state-of- the-art blockchain technology structure, and spanning the space between, at one end, the real economy of goods and services and at the other end, the symbolic economy of virtual monetary substitutes.