How it works?

Retailers need to leverage processes and technology to adapt and change to consumer demands. They need a reliable way to continuously deliver the engaging content that consumers demand across every relevant channel to drive market share and growth. They need to optimize content on an hourly or daily basis to adapt and compete with the latest changes in centralized marketplaces.


The Bleexy DPXP is the best way to deliver the right content, fast, when and where consumers need it. Using Bleexy's protocol retailers have access to an unlimited amount of high quality product data that is delivered on-demand at the fastest speed, minutes after it is curated by our content validators.


Bleexy’s subscription model offers retailers options to choose how often they want new content pushed to their digital channels and how many pieces of rich content they need. Product data content will be sold and distributed via Bleexy Product Data Marketplace and retailers, brands, manufacturers, marketplaces and search engines can subscribe to our services or can purchase product data content individually.


PoQ consensus algorithm is a ranking mechanism for content, content creators and validators and it is used to promote quality content to ensure higher product sale. This content can be automatically pushed to digital channels and retailers can choose content score ranges to ensure that the content meets the quality standard desired. If Bleexypedia doesn't provide enough content for a UPC, retailer can request the creation of additional content and this request is queued by the PoQ based on content creators trustworthiness.


Using emerging technologies and making product data available to offline retailers offer them a competitive edge over online retail, and lend conventional retailers a potential competitive advantage over Amazon.

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