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Content Consumers


Data and information have always been the backbone of organizations and businesses, and in recent times, running a smooth business is a daunting task because of ever-rising customer expectations. In e-commerce, trusted, high-quality product content data is a crucial resource for brands, retailers and manufacturers. Today, much of the product data is siloed, making it expensive and difficult for e-commerce companies to access it. During the ongoing pandemic e-commerce has boomed, but not all online retailers have seen their sales rapidly increasing. Those that lacked high-quality and relevant content have been left behind.

DPXM is a two-sided marketplace connecting content providers with content consumers. On the supply side, content creators, such as manufacturers, brands, individuals, influencers, and 3rd party retailers, upload content and get paid and rewarded for it. If the digital content (such as product description, photos, etc.) comes directly from manufacturers or brands, it does not need to be validated. If the content comes from other content creators, then the content will be rated by Bleexy’s PoQ algorithm. On the demand side, brands, retailers, third-party retailers or other content consumers (such as marketing companies, marketplaces, etc.) pay for content and get rewards based on subscription selected.