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Benefits for network participants

The Bleexy all-inclusive ecosystem is a complex network of stakeholders from various industries that connect and interact digitally in ways that create value for all. At its core, the ecosystem aggregates and validates product data content that can easily be integrated in existing product pages or used in the future by local brick-and-mortar stores to access the online market. By design, each party in the Bleexy ecosystem brings value to the other parties.

Content consumers

Data and information are the backbone of organizations and businesses. In e-commerce, trusted, high-quality product content data is a crucial resource for brands, retailers, and manufacturers.

Much of the product data is siloed, making it expensive and difficult for e-commerce companies to access it. Retailers that lack high-quality and relevant content are left behind, even as e-commerce is booming.

What are the benefits of joining the ecosystem?


  • Ready-made infrastructure tools to build brand/product communities and networks.
  • Real-time access to manufacturer content and user generated content.
  • Increase conversion rates and thus sales.
  • Monetize retired content - during the entire duration of content relevance lifetime.
  • Eliminate the need of costly integration with multiple PIMS (Product Inventory Management Systems).
  • Receive reward based on subscription selected.


  • Access to rich and continuously updated product content.
  • Access content validated through our state-of-the-art POQ and choose the quality best suited for their needs.
  • Increase conversion rates and sales through validated content.
  • Ready-made infrastructure tools to build brand/product communities and networks.
  • No integration costs.
  • Receive reward based on subscription selected.
  • Maintain control over your brand experience.


  • Free content distribution to supply chain.
  • Access to user generated content (both existing and on-demand).
  • Guaranteed provenance of content for their supply chain (no validation needed).
  • Receive reward based on subscription selected.
  • No integration costs.
  • Ready-made infrastructure tools to build brand/product communities and networks.

3rd Party Sellers

  • Eliminate the risk of losing the business due to problems related to copyright infringements (via Blockchain).
  • Guaranteed track record and reputation protection - business identity archived and protected.
  • Reduced cost of marketplace integration and real-time inventory management (Bleexy Connect).

It has become increasingly important to demonstrate content provenance and to upload accurate pictures and descriptions of products that are being sold on existing marketplaces. By using Bleexy’s DXPM, 3rd party sellers can avoid suspension and have the peace of mind that their business is safe on Amazon, Walmart or eBay.

Content creators and validators

Many content creators cannot make a living from their passion. Many platforms entice them to join, but none offers a one way-stop where they can integrate their existing content, use tools to create new content, protect their IP, interact with like-minded people, get renumerate them based on the quality and frequency of use of their content and earn additional income generating opportunities.

Content Creators

  • Create or import content (for example from Instagram) and make it available for sale on DPXM.
  • Protect IP by recording content provenance on the Bleexy blockchain.
  • Monetize work through a StreamShare model.
  • Build and increase reputation by uploading highly rated content.
  • Create and sell NFTs on selected marketplaces.
  • Receive rewards by providing additional services.
  • Create or join one or more B-Guilds (likeminded communities).

Content Validators

  • Receive rewards based on the amount and validation accuracy.
  • Use expertise to create new income stream.
  • Ready-made infrastructure to scale up validation.

Additional Stakeholders

  • Add value to your products by offering Web3 services to your customers.
  • Record customers product data as NFTs on the Bleexy blockchain.
  • Enhance manufacturers and brands data with high-quality user-generated content.
  • Provide new services and products to your customers.
  • Receive reward based on the services provided.
  • Distribute customer NFTs across your ecosystem.
  • New revenue stream source.
  • Run B-Keeper nodes and B-Guilds on behalf of your customers.

PIM solutions enable companies to create, update, and maintain product information to optimize product data synchronization and publishing, ensure faster time-to-market, increase brand awareness, drive online traffic and sales, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.

Service Providers

  • Provide notary services for disputes across Bleexy ecosystem.
  • Provide consulting, legal, IT and other specialized services to participants in the ecosystem.