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Bleexy is a decentralized commerce framework that deals with, among other things, digital assets associated with actual products exchanged. These digital assets, called content, are used in the product presentation to build a comprehensive, compelling and accurate description in order to facilitate commerce. Bleexy is built on top of a network in which various actors transact on two categorically different levels. At the top level, goods and services are offered and bought. At the infrastructure level, the actors interact by transacting microservices that make the Bleexy framework functional.

At infrastructure level is DPXM, a decentralized data exchange protocol and marketplace, whose goal is to create the biggest product data catalog - Bleexypedia, and to facilitate product data validation, via PoQ, by providing the right economic incentives to validators, as product data must be accurate and relevant.

At Bleexy, we bring together advances in technology, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to enable retailers to provide the right product experience for every consumer.

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