A Dynamic Product Experience Protocol 
and Decentralized Marketplace
Protocols and infrastructure for the next generation of e-commerce.

Bleexy Protocol creates a fast, efficient and inexpensive way to build dynamic catalogs, record content provenance and secure the rights to sell and distribute user generated content. Bleexy Marketplace connects manufacturers, brands, retailers, 3rd party sellers, content providers and consumers in order to unlock a global supply of product data and to provide trusted content that can be easily embedded into existing product offerings across digital channels.

DPXM is a decentralized product data exchange protocol and marketplace built on top of a permissioned distributed ledgers infrastructure and designed to address the problems faced by content creators and retailers alike. It is built for scale and uses blockchain technology that allows product data content to be shared and sold in a safe, secure and transparent manner.

The Bleexy Protocol design ensures that content creators cannot be locked-in to any single marketplace and that they control who to sell to and for how much.


Retailers need a reliable source to continuously deliver trusted product data and consumer generated content (CGC), optimized to meet latest preferences and trends. 

Having access to a full spectrum of product content is the key underlying enabler for creating the right product experiences for every consumer in every digital context.

DPXM, an all-inclusive marketplace, provides product data content that can be easily embedded in existing product pages or used to provide seamless omnichannel integration to brick-and-mortar stores.

Product content drives sales. Better reviews drive higher margins.

Consumers expect to see at least 5 pictures, 2 videos, 100+ reviews in order to make a purchase online.

Retailers need to leverage processes and technology to adapt and change to consumer demands. They need a reliable way to continuously deliver the engaging content that consumers demand across every relevant channel to drive market share and growth. They need to optimize content on an hourly or daily basis to adapt and compete with the latest changes in centralized marketplaces.


The Bleexy DPXM is the best way to deliver the right content, fast, when and where consumers need it. Using Bleexy's marketplace retailers have access to an unlimited amount of high quality product data that is delivered on-demand and curated by content validators.

With DPXM brands and retailers can:

Increase revenue

Generate new leads and increase sales funnel conversion rates by offering rich and trusted content and updating it as often as need it. 

Reduce costs


Gain access to a one stop shop for product content, eliminate inefficient and costly integration with multiple data suppliers.

Improve omnichannel experience

Provide a seamless, continuous customer experience across any device or location a customer wishes to shop, with a personalized brand experience.

Stand out from competition

Push new content every day to reap competitive advantages, stay on top of search ranking and increase conversion.

Grow market share 

Drive more traffic and retain existing customers by offering products with better and frequently updated content, faster than your competitors.

Improve customer experience


Improve your customers’ experience and increase brand awareness by actively encouraging and remunerating engagement and fostering relationships with them.


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