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About us

What is Bleexy

BLEEXY is a real value creating socio-technological ecosystem aiming to genuine value creation in the real world of consumers, producers and distributors, by providing or facilitating specific economic functions, through a virtual structure, robustly anchored in the real economy.

Functionally, BLEEXY facilitates the flow of goods and services between individuals, businesses and communities, by creating, organizing and distributing rich data and information regarding the goods and services produced and transacted in the real economy. BLEEXY is thus at its core a complex transaction costs reducing system which operates in the infosphere, in a dynamic interconnection with the real economy sphere of goods and services.

Bleexy enables Digital Transformation
and Collaboration

Operationally, BLEEXY brings together content creators, content consumers, service providers, and community builders to create and aggregate a massive product data layer (organized as the biggest product data catalog) serving retail activities, via a Dynamic Product Experience Protocol, or DPXM, and a Marketplace. All of that is accomplished using state-of-the-art proprietary blockchain technology.

Sustainable infrastructure for the future: no mining
is involved, no high energy bills, just an eco-friendly,
growing community!

BLEEXY offers both an infrastructure and the tools for all participants to better capture and to increase the benefits of their activities related to content creation, aggregation, validation and distribution. The control over data, the privacy and the transparent governance mechanisms which restrict arbitrariness and dysfunctional centralization, as well as the intrinsic payment and reward system, are all aligned to capture and monetize all forms of valuable activity taking place in the ecosystem.

How does Bleexy work

Bleexy connects manufacturers, brands, retailers, 3rd party sellers, content providers and consumers to create an all-inclusive ecosystem. Bleexy allows instant access to its network, to anyone and everyone. No huge downloads, no time spent waiting!

Bleexy uses a blockchain-based infrastructure, available and accessible to anyone using a personal computer. Bleexy's blockchain is built as a sustainable infrastructure for the future: no mining is involved, no high energy bills, just an eco-friendly, growing community!

What makes Bleexy special

With cutting edge technical solutions, Bleexy is a new generation response to the technological, economic, environmental and social challenges posed by the current generation e-commerce and blockchain platforms.

How does Bleexy make you money

Bleexy creates an infrastructure for selling and distributing product data-related content across e-commerce and the retail industry, while rewarding content creators not only with Bleexy tokens, but also with a share of the subscription paid by content consumers.

Every time a piece of content is sold, the content creator and validators are paid as well.

The higher the quality of the content, the higher the payment to content creators, on par with the growing demand for content.